Sunday, 9 March 2014: Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Registration FAQs

(WHM stands for the dna ICan Women’s Half Marathon 2014)

  • Q.Is the event open only for Women Runners?
  • Yes. Only Women Runners can participate. Males are not allowed.
  • Q.When and where will the WHM be held?
  • WHM will be held at Bandra Kurla Complex on Sunday, 9th March 2014
  • Q.What time will the Marathon Start?
  • The timings for 3 Run types are:
    1. Half Marathon (21.097Kms) – starts at 6:00 AM.
    2. Spirit Run (10Kms) – starts at 7:45 AM.
    3. Fun Run (5Kms) – starts at 8:15 AM.
  • Q. What is the minimum age eligibility?
  • To participate in the Half Marathon and the Spirit Run of 10 Kms, you need to be 18 years & above (Born on or before 28th Feb 1996).
  • For the Fun Run of 5 Kms, the minimum age limit is 12 years & above (Born on or before 28th Feb 2002).
  • Minors (girls only) can participate only if their parent and/or guardian are participating in the Fun Run. They have to be accompanied by the parent and/or guardian at all times.
  • Only female parent or guardian will be allowed to accompany the Minor girl child in the Fun Run.
  • Q.I am below 18 years but above 12 years, can I participate in the Half Marathon?
  • No. Minors (girls only) can participate only in the Fun Run of 5kms.
  • Q.I am above 18 years of age; can I still participate in 5Km Fun run?
  • Women of all age groups above 18 years can participate in all the 3 run types.
  • Q.Any upper age limit?
  • No. There is no upper age limit.
  • Q.What is the Registration Fee for each Run Type?
  • The Registration Fee is same for every run type – INR 600/-.
  • Q.When do the Registrations Start?
  • Registrations start from Friday, 21st Feb 2014.
  • Q.How and where can I register?
  • You can register online on and pay the registration fees through your credit or debit card card or our ticketing partner –
  • To register offline, kindly visit Oberoi Mall (Goregaon), Hight Street Phoenix (Lower Parel), and Viviana Mall (Thane) between 10 am to 8 pm on 22nd, 23rd , 28th Feb , 1st and 2nd March.
  • Q.How do I make the payment offline?
  • All offline payments can be made in CASH or CARD.
  • Q.Do I have to submit any documents?
  • One of the following documents are mandatory for registration offline:
    1. Photo Id Proof (PAN Card, Passport, Driving License, Aadhar Card, Voter's Id).
  • You can also submit Timing Certificate of the last marathon completed in the last 2 years, if any.
  • In case you have a medical history that restricts you or can cause health problems during or after the run, please submit a medical certificate from your doctor, certifying your fitness to run the long distance.
  • Q.When will my registration be confirmed?
  • After submitting all documents with the form, the same shall be processed by the back end team. On successful verification, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to your registered email id. On receipt of the email, the registration is confirmed.
  • Q.Will I receive a hard copy of the confirmation letter?
  • No physical confirmation letters are being sent. However, a confirmation email will be sent to your registered email.
  • Q.What if I don't receive the confirmation mail on my email id?
  • If you do not receive the confirmation mail by 5th March 2014, then please email us
  • Q.Will I get my Bib Number along with the confirmation letter?
  • No. Kindly get a printout of the confirmation e-mail and your original and self attested photocopy of your Photo Id Proof to collect the Bib Number from the Bib Collection Centre.
  • Q.Can I participate in more than one run?
  • No. You can participate in only one run. Registering for more than one run type will result in disqualification.
  • Q.Can I register for others also?
  • In case of individual registration, each participant has to register herself, sign the waiver and agree to the race terms and conditions. Only in the case of a minor, the parent / guardian can register on their behalf. However, you can register for an entire group by selecting the option of group/corporate registration.
  • Q.What happens to the registration fees if I am not able to participate after confirmation?
  • Part of the registration fee will be donated to charity. So we will not be able to refund your registration fees.
  • Q.Can I transfer my registration/participation to another person?
  • No. Registration/Participation is NOT TRANSFERABLE under any circumstances.
  • Q. Can I change my Run type after confirmation?
  • No. You cannot change your run type after confirmation.
  • Q.Can I register through my company?
  • Yes, you can register through your company through Corporate Registrations.
  • Please ask your Company's HR / Admin / concerned person to register using the Corporate / Group Registration tab on
  • Q.Is the registration fee different for Corporate Registrations?
  • No. The registration fee through Corporate Registration is the same as individuals, i.e. INR 600/- per participant for any of the run types.
  • Q.What is the minimum number of women required for Corporate Registrations?
  • At least 2 women should participate per company.

Charity & Cause FAQs

  • Q.What causes will my participation support and how?
  • Your participation will support the following causes:
    1. Girl Child Education
  • Part of the registration fee collected will be donated equally to the above causes.
  • Q.Which NGOs are associated with the above causes?
  • The following NGOs are associated with the above causes
    1. Nanhi Kali

Bib Collection FAQs

  • Q.I have registered when will I get my Running Number?
  • The confirmation mail will be sent to each runner post registration. The BIB shall be collected on the date given below.
  • Q.Will the Running Number be couriered to me?
  • No. You have to come to the Bib Collection venue on the specified dates and collect the Bib no.
  • Q.When and where do we collect the Bib from?
  • Date: March 1st week
  • Venue: Indiabulls Finance Centre – Tower 3, Elphinstone Road (W), Tel: 39888888
  • Time:10am to 7pm
  • Q.Can I collect the Bib on Race Day?
  • No. The Bib can only be collected from the Bib Collection venue or DNA office (only for outstation participants) as per the date and timings mentioned above.
  • Q.Do I have to carry anything to get the Running Bib Number?
  • Yes. You have to carry a print out of the confirmation email that was mailed to you. This also has your Running number. Please sign the declaration at the end of the email.
  • You also have to carry an original and a self attested copy of your photo id proof. The original will be used to verify your identity and the copy has to be submitted with the confirmation email.
  • Q.I am a Parent/Guardian participating with my child in the Fun Run. What do we have to carry to get the Running Bib Number?
  • You have to carry a print out of the confirmation email that was mailed to you and the child. This would have the running number of you and the child. Parent/Guardian has to sign the declaration at the end of confirmation emails for both.
  • You also have to carry an original and a self attested copy of yours and the child’s photo id proofs. The originals will be used to verify your identity and the copies have to be submitted with the confirmation email.
  • Q.I forgot to carry the print out of the confirmation email. Will I get the Bib?
  • No. You have to carry the print out of the confirmation email. You will not get the Bib otherwise.
  • Q.Can I send someone to collect the Bib on my behalf? What documents he/she has to carry?
  • Yes. You can send a representative to collect the Bib on your behalf. He/she has to carry the following documents:
    1. Print out of the Confirmation email of the participant.
    2. Original & self attested photocopy of Photo Id proof of the participant.
    3. Authorisation letter from the participant authorizing him/her to collect the Bib on the participant's behalf.
  • Q.Can the representative collect for multiple participants?
  • Yes. The representative can collect for multiple participants ONLY IN CASE OF A MINOR AND PARENT/GUARDIAN.
  • For individual participants the representative can collect only for one participant.
  • Q.My company has registered for me and I have received the confirmation mail. Will my Bib be sent to the company or someone can collect on our behalf?
  • No. The Bib and Goodie Bag will not be sent to the company.
  • The company's representative can collect the Bib on behalf of all participants registered through the company.
  • Q.What else will I get at the Bib Collection venue?
  • Each participant will get the bib, event information, race brochure, t-shirt and goodie bag.
  • Q.Will I also get the timing chip?
  • No.
  • Q.What do I have to ensure before leaving the Bib Collection venue?
  • Please ensure that you have:
    1. Collect the Bib Number for the category that you are participating in.
    2. Collect the event brochure.
    3. Goodie bag
  • Q.I have collected my Bib. But for some reasons, I cannot participate in the Race. Can I give my Bib to some other participant?
  • No. The Bib cannot be transferred to any other person.
  • Strict disciplinary actions will be taken against the original participant and the person to whom the Bib is transferred.

Race Day FAQs

  • Q.Is there a fixed time required to finish the runs?
  • We have stipulated flexible times for each run.
  • Q.If I am unable to run, can I walk the rest of the route?
  • If a participant is unable to run, they can walk and reach the finishers line.
  • Q.Do I get a certificate on completion of the run?
  • Yes a finisher's certificate will be given to all participants who reach the finish line.
  • Q.What if I can't finish the race in stipulated time, do I still get the Certificate of completion?
  • As long as you reach the finishers line even though you take twice the stipulated time, we will still issue a certificate since we salute your 'I CAN" spirit.
  • Q. I am pregnant but want to register for the race, can I do that?
  • We appreciate your spirit of "I CAN" but we would recommend that you abstain this year.
  • Q.If I stop mid way and can't run any further then how will I reach holding area??
  • For people who stop mid way and can't complete the race at all, our volunteers and event vehicles will ferry you to the finish line.
  • Q.What do I get in return for the Rs 600 as participation fees?
  • A goodie bag with products plus a classy T-Shirt is waiting for you to be collected along with your Bib.
  • Q.For the race do we need to carry water or will we be provided at the venue?
  • There are adequate arrangements with water stations at holding area and at every 500 mts of the race route. If you feel exhausted, gulp down electral to rehydrate yourself.
  • Q.Are there toilet facilities at waiting area? If during the race I need to go to toilet then where can I go?
  • There are adequate toilet facilities at holding area. On the race route there are mobile toilets at every 2km of the route and hence you will not be inconvenienced during the race.
  • Q.What if someone requires medical help in between the race? Who to call for help?
  • There are going to be medical personnel /security people / event volunteer at every 250 meters of the race route and they will help you with your medical need. Also there are 6 ambulances deployed at the venue if any medical emergency comes up.
  • Q.Is there enough security during the event?
  • Security arrangements are being done with help of Mumbai Police. Our own security personnel / volunteers and the Mumbai Police will ensure complete safety. Vital parts of the route are also barricaded for security purpose.
  • Q. What if we drive down. Is there parking space and do I need any special parking permission?
  • Ample parking space will be provided for participant vehicles and no special permission is required
  • Q.My husband / family / friends will be coming with me to cheer me. Where can they wait till I finish my race?
  • A waiting area has been designated for family and friends of participants. There will be music and refreshment zone so that they don't get bored while waiting for you to finish the race.
  • Q.How can I get to the venue? Which is the nearest public transport point?
  • Nearest Railway Stations to reach BKC are - Bandra, Sion, Santacruz and Kurla.